Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii T-shirt ウクレレピクニックインハワイ Tシャツ 2019






Lady’s: M/L

Kid’s: S/M/L


ウクレレピクニック・イン・ハワイ を開催しているウクレレ・ファウンデーション・オブ・ハワイは、非営利団体(NPO登録番号:501 (c)3 公共慈善事業)です。組織の立ち上げメンバーでサザンオールスターズのベーシストである関口和之氏の夢である『ウクレレ・ミュージアム』の建設を最終ゴールとしており、現在は、シュライナーズ病院への募金やウクレレ・レッスン、アフリカの子どもたちへのサポートなど、ウクレレを通じて、教育やミュージック・セラピー、文化交流の場を作る活動などを積極的に行っています。

We have a different design every year! At Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii, we are proud to present our Official T-shirts for the picnic every year, thanks to the collaboration with 88 Tees. The design is different every year.Get some for yourself, and for your friends and family!

The Ukulele Foundation of Hawai`i is a non profit organization (501 (c)3 public charity) whose primary objective is to support music in education, as well as various charities and arts throughout Hawai`i, Japan and throughout the world through collective interest and awareness of the ukulele. The mission of the Ukulele Foundation of Hawai`i is to establish an ukulele museum that will facilitate social, educational and cultural activities in a friendly environment that perpetuates happiness and joy of the ukulele.
Since its incorporation in October 2007, the foundation has hosted six big fundraising events.
At the event, Foundation sells food, T-shirts and donated items to raise money.