Nashville Sessions / Jake Shimabukuro



Jake Shimabukuro’s 2016 album, Nashville Sessions, is one of the most adventurous, multifaceted and engaging recordings yet from the man whose music has redefined the ukulele for the 21st century. In Shimabukuro’s gifted hands, the age-old Hawaiian instrument has become a medium for previously undreamed-of levels of expressiveness and musicianship. And with Nashville Sessions he’s reached a new plateau with the instrument. The result is one of the most bold and unique ukulele records ever made a new benchmark for the uke.

  1. Hemiola Blues
  2. 6/8
  3. Man of Mud
  4. Galloping Seahorses
  5. Motown
  6. Celtic Tune
  7. Tritone
  8. Blue Haiku
  9. Ballad
  10. F Minor
  11. Kilauea