Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE Cedar Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Tenor / カラ シダーアカシア アコースティックエレクトリックテナー 1704

$539.99 $359.99

Kala シダートップ カッタウェイ アコースティック テナー ウクレレは、次なるアップグレードに最適な1本です。シダートップは強い射影と深いトーンを生み出し、バックとサイドに使用されているアカシアと完璧に調和し深い音色を鳴り響かせます。


The Solid Cedar Top Series continues to expand as more and more people are falling in love with the look and the sound of this beautiful tone wood. Cedar has been used widely on stringed instruments since the mid 1940’s as an alternative to Spruce. Cedar provides a more harmonically complex tone, responding especially well to dynamic playing. Cedar is a great choice for fingerstyle players who look for dark, rich tones that are full of expressive depth and nuance.

This Cedar Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele is an ideal upgrade to a performance model. The cedar top features strong projection and a deep tone that works in perfect harmony with the resonant Acacia back and sides.A striking red padauk binding surrounds the cedar top, and lends a visual and aural contrast to the darker acacia. The upscale slotted headstock features a beautiful carved Kala logo, and vintage-style open tuners. And it’s ready to plug in with its onboard Kala pickup and preamp. Case is not included.




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