AMIAMI ASLN SOPRANO アミアミ ソプラノ ロングネック



【ASLN ソプラノロングネックウクレレの特徴】


The AmiAmi ASLN model is a soprano Long-neck ukulele which has a soprano size body and a concert size neck. The body is made of plywood Mahogany. Rosewood is used for the bridge and fret board. The ASLN has four side peg geared tuners. Which are very convenient for the fine tuning the instrument. Tone is medium bright. We recommend this ukulele for beginners who want to learn both the fundamentals of strumming and picking.

・Rosewood fret board and bridge.
・White binding on the top and back of the body.
・White/Black/White purfling on the top of the body.
・Satin finish



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